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I have downloaded the latest varsion of Xcode. All the tutorials i see for creating a new ios application project, mention to create a view-based application.

But I do not see that option. Therefore, whatever I choose, next I do not see the folders mentioned later in the examples. (for example I see no resources folder in my project)

The picture I see when to create a new project is this: enter image description here

What to do?

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"Single View Application" is the same as the good old "view-based application"

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In new X-code you won't find window based application option. If you want then select

Empty Application option. Also you will not find MainWindow.xib here. You have to do coding in Appdelegate file to load initial viewController.

If you select Single view Application as Antonio said you will have all viewControllers in a Storyboard. Which is introduced in new iOS 5.

You can create new folder and name it to resources.

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