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I am trying to install node.js. I followed this tutorial and i am stuck in the middle. When i write ./configure in my cygwin terminal it says "cygwin not supported". Please help me out Thanks in advance.

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Instead of continuing here as would be ideal, unfortunately this Q was effectively asked again 1.5 years later at stackoverflow.com/questions/17297422/trouble-with-starting-node-js-from-a-cygwin‌​-console; as that comment explains, thre is some useful stuff there, but for new stuff, kindly put it here on the first asking. –  Destiny Architect May 11 at 4:08

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Node.js is now available native on Windows. There is an installer on download box. Just download and install it. Forget Cygwin.

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there are still plenty of modules which depend on Make and node-waf, which precludes just using the node binaries. –  Kato Jun 9 '12 at 22:56
ExecJS, a Ruby gem, uses NodeJS and fails with the Windows version of NodeJS. Since Ruby is in Cygwin, we need a Cygwin NodeJS. –  Chloe Feb 26 '13 at 5:44
The downside to running it natively in Windows is of course that the windows terminal is pure garbage. –  Stabby Lorenzo Aug 2 '13 at 3:15
"Forget Cygwin" is not a real answer. –  Chris Sep 5 '13 at 17:11
But what if I like to use Cygwin for the *nix style commands? It'd be nice if node supported that. –  JD Smith Nov 27 '13 at 21:36

Node in my experience runs fine in cygwin, what Node usually has EINVAL errors in seems to be MINTTY which is a terminal emulation 'skin' that is default to cygwin. I still am not sure why these EINVAL errors happen 100% bu the following are the steps and tricks I use to get node working.

In my /cygwin/home/{username}/.bashrc I add node to path so cygwin can find it

export PATH=$PATH:"/cygdrive/c/Program Files/nodejs/"

Then to make npm run without windows to linux issues I launch cygwin in admin mode then run:

dos2unix '/cygdrive/c/Program Files/nodejs/npm'

At this point running files and most npm packages will run in MINTTY just fine, although every once and awhile you will run into EINVAL issues with certain npm packages as karma. Also you will not be able to run the interpreter directly in MINTTY, anytime I want to do these things I run:

cygstart /bin/bash

This will open a native cygwin bash.exe window, from here you run the interpreter or an any troubling package command that results in a EINVAL. It slightly sucks you have to do this but I rarely use this day to day, and I love MINTTY too much to not use it.

Also note that you can run any one line node code in MINTTY by just running something like:

node -e "console.log('hello node')"
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I should have probably noted that dos2unix will need to be installed from the cygwin install process or in cygwin via apt-cyg. And Node will need to be installed normally using the windows installer. –  troy Apr 19 at 13:31
Isn't npm a cmd file? Why use dos2unix on the cmd file? –  CMCDragonkai May 18 at 7:33
It is. But there is also "npm" shell script without an extension, which is executed by Cygwin when you use the "npm" command. Actually I don't have a clue, why does that shell script contain Windows line endings. –  Dawid Ferenczy May 27 at 14:33

Use Console2, it allows you to run create tabs of CLI shells. It seems running cygwin inside console2 allows me to use node REPL just fine. I have no idea why :P

Follow this guide to add cygwin to console2:

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I just noticed Google Search(Node-js cygwin) find 5 nlighteneddevelopment.com/content/nodejs-cygwin also has this (using Console2) as their fix –  Destiny Architect May 10 at 9:02

Grab and run the Windows installer.
In the Cygwin prompt type node
See if it works.

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i've downloaded it,extracted it from cygwin terminal but the same problem occurs.Installer installs the file elsewhere so i did everything from the cygwin terminal and in cygwin the nodejs file installs in home/Dell/nodejs/ folder where i've to write the ./configure command but still the same result –  Mj1992 Apr 6 '12 at 15:44
man, if you indeed want to stick with cygwin....don't run the installer from within cygwin. Do it from Windows. When you fire up cygwin make sure node is in your path (C:\Program Files\nodejs). –  mihai Apr 6 '12 at 20:19
This worked just fine for me on more than one machine. Just install Cygwin, then install Node using their native Windows installer. When you type which node or which npm, it'll resolve to the place Node was installed (maybe this works because Node sees Cygwin and adds its paths to Cygwin's $PATH). –  thure May 1 '13 at 17:49
Too bad npm fails in Cygwin ... complains about the CRLF newlines... –  oligofren Aug 5 '13 at 6:56

From Windows, run Cygwin.bat (instead of Cygwin Terminal) then in that run node: see & reply on this answer on this effectively-same Q asked 1.5 years later.

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