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I've seen a lot of different answers to this question and have tried applying their code to my project but none of these solutions seem to work for the data I have.

I need to turn this output into several objects:


When I try jQuery.parseJSON(), it just gives me a bunch of [object Object]s but I can't refer to creature[1].id etc.

Again, I know this is a frequently asked question. I really have been through many other examples but they just didn't work out for me.

Thank you.

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Each object has one property (creature) with another object as it's value.

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var creatures = JSON.parse('big_json_string');

for (var i = 0; i < creatures.length; i++) {
    var creature = creatures[i].creature; // this is how your object is formatted



Each creature is nested within another object, and since it's an array of objects (that contain the creature), you have to iterate over it with a for loop, to make use of it.

Your parsing of the JSON, then, was most likely correct, but the logic that came afterwards was not (at a total guess).

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Your code seems perfectly valid. Try this jsfiddle.

var creatures = $.parseJSON(yourJSONString);

alert(creatures[0];​ // alerts "R.I.P"

Do you need any specific clarifications?

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