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Adding folders armeabi and armeabi-v7a into android projects /libs folder also not working.


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logcat please. code snippet please –  Chandra Sekhar Apr 6 '12 at 12:19
gets out crystal ball... nope, the spirits aren't talking today. We're not mind-readers or mediums. Give us some information to work with. –  Barak Apr 6 '12 at 14:04
Now it's just showing me a black window with following message: 04-07 13:32:56.101: W/WindowManager(58): No window to dispatch pointer action 0 –  Vishwanath Deshmukh Apr 7 '12 at 8:04
Be sure to have your emulator enabled in hosted gpu mood instead of snapshot –  user2250657 Apr 5 '13 at 20:41

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I downloaded latest libgdx and it worked fine on my android emulator now.

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