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My question is similar to this:

Nodejs - .node_libraries/ for www-data

I've been trying all night to get php to execute uglifyjs. I've tried:

die(shell_exec('NODE_PATH="/home/app/nodejs/node_modules/"; export NODE_PATH; uglifyjs -o /home/app/public_html/js/profile.min5.js /home/app/public_html/js/profile.js'));


die(shell_exec('node /home/app/nodejs/node_modules/uglify-js/bin/uglifyjs -o /home/app/public_html/js/profile.min33.js /home/app/public_html/js/profile.js'));

and a bunch of other crazy combinations but nothing works. Everything works fine if I do it manually in the shell. Can anyone help please?

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Have you tried looking at the following (I'll go for the obvious since you haven't said what you've already tried):

user apache/www-data is allowed access to /home/app : sometimes /home directories are closed off (chmod 0700)

Is safe_mode on your server in effect? From the command line, try:

php -i | grep safe_mode

Then, look at the output of:


Which version of PHP are you using (might well be irrelevant)?

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The version of PHP is 5.3.5 but I'm not using Apache, I'm using ngnix instead and running php-fpm but the user that php is running on (from running (exec('whoami')) if that helps. Safe mode is off. –  Yuriy Apr 6 '12 at 20:42
I just tried chmodding and it worked! Thanks so much. I'm not sure if I compromised anything. The command that works is: shell_exec('/usr/bin/node /usr/bin/uglifyjs -o /home/app/public_html/js/profile.min333.js /home/app/public_html/js/profile.js') And I chmodded /usr/bin/node and /usr/bin/uglifyjs to 4777 which I'm not sure is a good idea. I also chmodded /home to 777 but I'm the only use on this VPS so I'm thinking its not a big deal but for all I know it could be. –  Yuriy Apr 6 '12 at 20:45
You could try and move everything out of your /home/app path and into something like /data/app That way you get to retain your access right on /home/app Anyway, this works :-) I don't think you need to chmod the applications. Try it with 755, it should work. –  Michiel Apr 10 '12 at 10:55

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