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I have a collection Notebook which has embedded array document called Notes. The sample

document looks like as shown below.

"_id" : ObjectId("4f7ee46e08403d063ab0b4f9"),
"name" : "MongoDB",
"notes" : [
              "title" : "Hello MongoDB",
              "content" : "Hello MongoDB"
              "title" : "ReplicaSet MongoDB",
              "content" : "ReplicaSet MongoDB"

I want to find out only note which has title "Hello MongoDB". I am not getting what should

be the query. Can anyone help me.

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I don't believe what you are asking is possible, at least without some map-reduce maybe?

See here: Filtering embedded documents in MongoDB

That answer suggests you change your schema, to better suit how you'd like to work with the data.

You can use a either "dot notation" or $elemMatch to get back the correct, document that has the matching "note title" ...

> db.collection.find({ "notes.title" : "Hello MongoDB"}, { "notes.title" : 1"});

or ...

> db.collection.find({ "notes" : { "$elemMatch" : { "title" : "Hello MongoDB"} }});

But you will get back the whole array, not just the array element that caused the match.

Also, something to think about ... with your current setup it woud be hard to do any operations on the items in the array.

If you don't change your schema (as the answer linked to suggests) ... I would consider adding "ids" to each element in the array so you can do things like delete it easily if needed.

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You can do this with mongo version higher 2.2

the query like this:

db.coll.find({ 'notes.title': 'Hello MongoDB' }, {'notes.$': 1});

you can try with $elemMatch like Justin Jenkins

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this should be the correct answer – KIC Feb 21 '14 at 13:31
This would return the _id of the parent document alongside the embedded object unless you exclude the _id from the query: ...{'notes.$': 1, '_id':0}); – Ushox Jun 27 '15 at 10:03

You can perform the query like this:

db.coll.find({ 'notes.title': 'Hello MongoDB' });

You can also refer to the docs for more details.

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Hummm I believe what's being asked is how to get back ONLY the note with 'Hello MongoDB' as the title, your example would bring back the entire document with the notes array too! – Justin Jenkins Apr 6 '12 at 17:54

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