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I just created a new GEOMETRY column p and need to populate values for all existing rows in the table for p based on existing values in cols lat and lng.

Problem: Updating a single column using the query below works well because I typed in the lat and lng values manually. But when I want MySQL to update col p for all rows in the tables, the query that I used does not set any values to col p. I think it has to do with the sub-query (?), but I am not sure how to make it work properly. Thanks!

Query that works

UPDATE listings 
SET p = GeomFromText('POINT(39.948177 -75.174324)') 
WHERE listing_id = '585221';

Query that sets no value

Added a WHERE clause so I dont destroy the entire table when testing. I actually want to do the UPDATE query for ALL rows in the table

UPDATE listings 
SET p = GeomFromText('POINT(lat lng)') 
WHERE listing_id = '585221';
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and what about this (remove the geomfromtext function)

UPDATE listings SET p = POINT(lat, lng) WHERE listing_id = '585221';

or you can go like this

UPDATE listings SET p = GeomFromText(CONCAT('POINT(',lat,' ',lng,')'));

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If i use SET p = POINT(lat, lng) which works, should I change the column type from GEOMETRY to POINT? –  Nyxynyx Apr 6 '12 at 14:48

You have to concatenate your values to form a proper argument for GeomFromText:

UPDATE listings 
SET p = GeomFromText('POINT(' || lat || ' ' || lng || ')') 
WHERE listing_id = '585221';

The pipe operator (||) is used to concatenate strings. But a better solution is to use the Point function directly:

UPDATE listings 
SET p = Point(lat, lng) 
WHERE listing_id = '585221';
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For SQLite / Spatialite it's

UPDATE mytable SET location = GeomFromText('POINT('||latitude||" "||longitude||')');
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Embed a select in there, instead of those values. Also, there's a problem with that function: It is taking a string and turning it into lat and long. It does not evaluate any SQL, as far as I can see, thus nothing but proper floating point inputs will result in real values. You need a query then that selects the lat and lon and concats them into a single string and passes that to the function like:

SET p = GeomFromText(SELECT concat(lat,concat(' ', lon) FROM ... )
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