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Maybe I'm being dumb but I can't find where I can get the GUI tool for CMake, on MacOSX... I see references to it online but nothing else. I got CMake using MacPorts but on Windwos I am used to using the GUI... does it exist on Mac and where/how do I get it?

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you need to install the gui variant:

sudo port install cmake +gui

you may need to run sudo port uninstall cmake first.

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here it is:

extra plugins will imported by their own extensions so no OS compatibility is needed ;)

share|improve this answer Link is above! In case you need more info about it, just check out the link below.

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That's just the regular download page; I'm using MacPorts which got me CMake but not the GUI tool. I don't want to install CMake again, I just want to add the GUI and point it at the MacPorts install. – Mr. Boy Apr 6 '12 at 14:46

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