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i need to set the title attribute of the options in a select like this one:

<select name="webmenu" id="webmenu" onchange="showValue(this.value)">
  <option value="calendar" title="icons/icon_calendar.gif">Calendar</option>
  <option value="shopping_cart" title="icons/icon_cart.gif">Shopping Cart</option>
  <option value="cd" title="icons/icon_cd.gif">CD</option>
  <option value="email"  selected="selected" title="icons/icon_email.gif">Email</option>
  <option value="faq" title="icons/icon_faq.gif">FAQ</option>
  <option value="games" title="icons/icon_games.gif">Games</option>

i didn't find any help in the cookbook


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the first tip here might give you an idea on how to use the form helper in a way you want it to: http://www.dereuromark.de/2012/03/01/some-new-crazy-cakephp-tricks/

basically you need to use a deeper array and provide the title and onchange attributes.

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