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I have a jsfiddle here. In the Jsfiddle you will see a textarea. Type in a question in a textarea and click on the "Add Question" button. It will add the question in a table row below as well as a file input in the table row.

Now my problem is this, if the user clicks on the file input and selects a file, it displays the location in the file input which is great, but when I submit the form (I have not included submit button in jsfiddle), it submits the form to another page where it is suppose to $_POST the question and file location from the file input, it posts the questions fine but it does not post any file locations. It just keeps display a blank value when I insert the values. How can INSERT the file location from the file input into the INSERT VALUES instead of a blank value?

Below is an example of the INSERT VALUES I am currently seeing:

INSERT INTO Question (QuestionContent, ImageId) VALUES ('What is my Name?',''), ('What is my Age','') 

As you can see above for both questions it inserts a blank value for 'ImageId' even though their file inputs contains a file location.

Below is the php code I have which inserts the values:

$i = 0;
$c = count($_POST['questionText']);

$insertquestion = array();

for($i = 0;  $i < $c; $i++ ){

  $imagequery = "SELECT ImageId FROM Image WHERE (ImageFile = '". mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['fileImage'])."')";
    $imagers = mysql_query($imagequery);
    $imagerecord = mysql_fetch_array($imagers);
    $imageid = $imagerecord['ImageId']; 

    $insertquestion[] = "'".  
                    mysql_real_escape_string( $_POST['questionText'][$i] ) ."','".
                    mysql_real_escape_string( $imageid [$i] ) ."'";


 $questionsql = "INSERT INTO Question (SessionId, QuestionId, QuestionContent, QuestionMarks, OptionId, ImageId) 
    VALUES (" . implode('), (', $insertquestion) . ")";


This is the output from the print_r($FILES):

Array ( [fileImage] => Array ( [name] => Array ( [0] => car.jpg [1] => car3.jpg ) [type] => Array ( [0] => image/jpeg [1] => image/jpeg ) [tmp_name] => Array ( [0] => /var/tmp/phpAjaOOb [1] => /var/tmp/phpDjaOOb ) [error] => Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => 0 ) [size] => Array ( [0] => 21342 [1] => 20992 ) )
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In your PHP code, nowhere I can see a move_uploaded_file(), and there is not any call to $_FILES['fileImage']['tmp_name'] or $_FILES['fileImage']['name'] either... –  Stock Overflaw Apr 6 '12 at 15:09
Do I only need to put that code in my script to be able to recieve the value?. –  user1309180 Apr 6 '12 at 16:00
What value are you trying to receive? –  j08691 Apr 6 '12 at 16:18

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