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Here is my problem : I have a code first EF4 model where I have a TBH hierarchy. So, I have a Table In a database that is mapped over 2 classes (A1 and A2) that inherit from a base class A. The class A1 defines a Navigation Property to another class (One-to-One for instance). My problem is : How can I include the B related instances ?

I can't do something like this :

Dim res = From a In dbContext.A.Include("B_rel_obj")
          Select a

Because B_rel_obj is only defined for A1, and not in A nor A2.

My solution is :

Dim res = From a In dbContext.A
Dim res1 = From a1 In res
           Where TypeOf(a1) Is A1
           Select a1

For Each a1 As A1 In res1
  dbContext.Entry(a1).Reference(Function(a) a.B_rel_obj).Load()

That works, but I don't like to loop over the results to Load(). Isn't there a way to load all the collection in one time ?

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With TPH you are tempted to believe that B's can be loaded with the undiscriminated A's. After all, each A record has a BId (albeit null for A2). TPC or TPT make it much clearer that BId only belongs to A1 and that a union is the way go when you want to query both classes in one shot. –  Gert Arnold Apr 8 '12 at 21:26

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