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Im filling in dropdowns with ajax'd info -- sometimes (when editing) I not only want to fill in the dropdown but choose the value ... so I have added an optional parameter - and check for IF != UNDEFINED ... is there anything WRONG with this approach?

It seems to work.

function getFormFields(TypeOfFields, NameOfElement, OptionalValue) {
        type: 'POST',
        url: 'WorkflowWizard.aspx?TemplateWorkflowID=' + $("#hiddenTemplateWorkflowID").val(),
        data: {
            'LinkFormField': true,
            'TypeOfFields': TypeOfFields
        success: function (data) {
            $("#" + NameOfElement).html(data);
            if (OptionalValue != undefined) {
                $("#" + NameOfElement).val(OptionalValue);
        error: function (xhr) {
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Depends. You can call the function with three parameters the last one of which has value undefined - this may or may not be a problem. The "proper" way of handling this is is check arguments.length which will be 2 or three depending on how many parameters you actually used.

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