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I'm using Eclipse in linux. I have created a project using Cocos2D. It's a Java project, but im opening cpp and headers files to write native code.

Each time, i compile the native code with ./build_native.sh

I will like to know if eclipse could be configure to autocomplete functions in native code.



Must show the options like getWinSize().

Some ideas? Thanks in advance.

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I can't answer to the specifics of your question but in general I had this problem in C/C++ with iostream and STL libs. Even though everything would compile fine it wasn't supporting auto-complete. I ended up digging down into the supplied libraries to the root that held each .h file collection and added those to the directories path. Then I rebuilt the index and then auto-complete started working. So if cocos2d stores .h files in more than one location add each folder.

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Have you installed the CDT? That give Eclipse C/C++ capabilities similar to what it already has for Java.

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Yes, i have CDT main features installed, and CDT Optional features. I can create c++ projects and compile it –  Piperoman Apr 8 '12 at 7:53

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