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i have following code for moving 4 picture around circular way,but it can rotate only two of them

<title>Moving div</title>
<div id = "listDiv">
    <img id="img1" width="200" height="200" /><br />
    <span id="quote1" ></span>
<div id="listDiv1">
<img id="img2"  width="200" height="200"/><br/>
<span id="quote2 "></span>
<div id="listDiv2">
<img id="img3" width="200" height="200"/><br/>
<span id="quote3 "></span>
<div id="listDiv3">
<img id="img4" width="200" height="200"/><br/>
<span id="quote4 "></span>


var listDiv = document.getElementById("listDiv");

var lisDiv1=document.getElementById("listDiv1");
var listDiv2=document.getElementById("listDiv2");
var listDiv3=document.getElementById("listDiv3");
var quote1 = document.getElementById("quote1");
var quote2 = document.getElementById("quote2");
var quote3 = document.getElementById("quote3");
var quote4 = document.getElementById("quote4");
var img1 = document.getElementById("img1");
var img2 = document.getElementById("img2");
var img3 = document.getElementById("img3");
var img4 = document.getElementById("img4"); = "lightBlue"; = "absolute"; = "absolute"; = "absolute"; = "absolute";

var intervalHandle = setInterval(changeSecond, 10);

var counter=0;

var pics = [

var quotes = [
'E=mc<sup style="font-size:xx-small">2</sup>',
"I have a dream",
"Be nice to nerds.<br/>Chances are you'll<br/>end up working for one",
"You are holding it wrong",
"Imagine all the people",
"I know the human being<br/>and fish can coexist peacefully.",
"The name is Bond, James Bond"

function changeSecond(){
  if (counter++%2==0){
    if (counter>700){
    //change the text every 101 counts
    if (counter%101==0){
      var randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random()*pics.length);
      img1.setAttribute("src", pics[randomIndex]);
       img2.setAttribute("src", pics[randomIndex]);
       img3.setAttribute("src", pics[randomIndex]);
       img4.setAttribute("src", pics[randomIndex]);
    //move the element to the left: =400+200*Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; 
    //move the element down: =400+200*Math.sin(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 300* Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 200 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 200 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 200 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 200 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 2width="200" height="200"00 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px";


what can i do?

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There are a few simple errors that are preventing all 4 from showing.

One is that you have spaces in the span ids for some for the quotes, this was causing errors:

<span id="quote2 "></span>
<span id="quote3 "></span>
<span id="quote4 "></span>

removing the spaces was necessary and it cleared the errors generated. Then there is a typo or copy past mistake here: =400 + 2width="200" height="200"00 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px";

That width= and height= bit is probably a paste mistake while posting or such, but needs to be out.

So that got 3 showing up at at time nicely and so then it just seems that you have 4 but two are covered by their friends.

try changing the starting point for each, like this (I made the left have 200, 300, 400, 500 as part of the calculation) : =400+200*Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; =400+200*Math.sin(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 300 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 200 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 400 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 200 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 500 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px"; =400 + 200 * Math.cos(counter/90)+"px";

this was not very nice looking but it got them uncovered and you can play with it and arrange them better.

Hope that helps some

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