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I am using jQuery Tools v1.2.7 and jQuery v1.7.2. I have the following code:

<input type="date" name="delivery_due" required="required">

With the following settings:

    $(":date").dateinput( { format: 'yyyy-mm-dd', min: 0 });

The validation script always sees the date field as null; even if I have selected a value and that value is displayed within the input field. It has no issues with any other field with a required attribute; just the date-range.

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New and improved answer: Try running $("form.validate").validator(); after the dateinput function. I think this should do the trick.

Old stupid answer: Try changing $(":date").dateinput(... to $("input[name=delivery_due]").dateinput(...

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Neither of these solutions on their own worked; I solved the issue by placing date call OUTSIDE of the document.ready. –  Robert Kyanberu Apr 6 '12 at 16:47
Ok, I can see how that helps the timing problem. Thanks for accepting my answer, though. –  playeren Apr 6 '12 at 16:52

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