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Background worker, passing variables are not working, in my example I explain everything, I put only the functions that were important, I have the other functions from the BackgroundWorker.

int TheFunction(unordered_map<std::string,std::string> options, BackgroundWorker^ worker, DoWorkEventArgs ^ e){

    if(options["option1"].compare("options") == 0){

        return 0;

    void backgroundWorker2_DoWork(Object^ sender, DoWorkEventArgs^ e ){
         BackgroundWorker^ worker = dynamic_cast<BackgroundWorker^>(sender);     
        //e->Result = TheFunction( safe_cast<Int32>(e->Argument), worker, e ); //That's how I do to send an integer value and works just fine, but I don't know how to send non-numeric values with safe_cast or something that works, in the function it looks like this: TheFunction(int index, ...) it works fine, I want to know with unordered_map or with strings also would work, I want more than one argument if you can do with std::string
          e->Result = TheFunction(safe_cast<unordered_map<std::string,std::string>>(e->Argument)); //I tried this, and it didn't work


void CallBackgroundWorker(){
         this->backgroundWorker2 = gcnew System::ComponentModel::BackgroundWorker;
         this->backgroundWorker2->WorkerReportsProgress = true;
         this->backgroundWorker2->WorkerSupportsCancellation = true;
         this->backgroundWorker2->DoWork += gcnew DoWorkEventHandler( this, &GUISystem::backgroundWorker2_DoWork );
         this->backgroundWorker2->RunWorkerCompleted += gcnew RunWorkerCompletedEventHandler( this, &GUISystem::backgroundWorker2_RunWorkerCompleted );
         this->backgroundWorker2->ProgressChanged += gcnew ProgressChangedEventHandler( this, &GUISystem::backgroundWorker2_ProgressChanged );

         unordered_map<std::string,std::string>* options = unordered_map<std::string,std::string>();
         options["option1"] = "valor1";
         options["option2"] = "valor2";


So how do I do to send the unordered_map or a std::string (more than 1 arguments) ?

thanks in advance. that would help a lot.

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The RunWorkerAsync() method requires an argument that derives from Object. That doesn't work for a native C++ class like unordered_map, they don't derive from Object. You'll need to create a wee little helper ref class that just stores the pointer and pass an instance of it instead. –  Hans Passant Apr 6 '12 at 16:08
Oh, and be careful with pointers, they still need to be valid by the time the worker thread starts running. –  Hans Passant Apr 6 '12 at 16:40
how could I do that ? I was thinking about using fieldGetter and fieldSetter but I don't know how to use it, I searched how to do it but no success. I'm not even sure if I can do this, I wanted to be able to pass two strings, is that possible? could I have a suggestion in example? thanks! –  Grego Apr 6 '12 at 17:44
oh and could you show me how do I create this wee little helper? :D Make it as an answer so I can set as "correct answer" –  Grego Apr 6 '12 at 18:01

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This line:

unordered_map<std::string,std::string>* options = unordered_map<std::string,std::string>();

isn't legal even in standard C++. A pointer needs to store an address, not an object. So probably you meant to say new to use dynamic allocation (after all, the object needs to survive until the callback runs on the other thread).

At that point, you can wrap the pointer inside System::IntPtr, and in the callback, cast the result of ToPointer().

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