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I have a question regarding updating the sqlite db when a upgrade to the actual app occurs.

I have an app called 'salary crunch' which has sports players info. On version 1.0; I had lets say 20 players info and stats, I added some features to the app and also added more sports players info and stats.

Once the apple approvied my upgrade after I submitted, I myself already having the app installed on my iphone and ipod; installed the upgrade but the database upgrade did not take, so in order words, all the new player info and stats did not overwrite the existing database already installed with the original app???

I deleted the app for the devices and reinstalled the appl; and only then did the new players info and stats appear in the app... I would not expect the users that already installed my app to uninstall and re-install my app in order to get the latest palyer info and stats; so hwo can I get around this within the code of the app; to validate that the lastest sqlite db info is used and not the existing if (for instances where the ap is already installed on a device)?

thanks for your help.

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I can't guarantee that this will work, but try executing a statement that drops the previous table if a certain element exists(check that table exists first). I know this is probably bad style but that's what I can think of right now.

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