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Here is how the window was created. But when I GetClientRect, the rcClient is much bigger than 32x32.

int nDefaultWidth = 32;
int nDefaultHeight = 32;

UINT32 winStyle = 0;

RECT rc;
SetRect( &rc, 0, 0, nDefaultWidth, nDefaultHeight );
AdjustWindowRect( &rc, winStyle, ( hMenu != NULL ) ? true : false );

// Create the render window
HWND hWnd = CreateWindow( L"Direct3DWindowClass", NULL, winStyle,
                          x, y, ( rc.right - rc.left ), ( rc.bottom - rc.top ), 0,
                          hMenu, hInstance, 0 );

RECT rcClient;
GetClientRect( hWnd, &rcClient );
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You are passing 0 as the dwStyle parameter to AdjustWindowRect. That value is equal to WS_OVERLAPPED, and AdjustWindowRect explicitly forbids you to pass that specific value.

Since you want to create a 32x32 window (i.e. with no chrome at all, pure client area) you should lose the AdjustWindowRect call as it serves no purpose at all and pass WS_POPUP as the window style to CreateWindow.

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