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i am currently working on an iPad application, my client wants to add Function keys as in normal keyboard on Top of keypad which i have done. Problem is he wants a "Fn" key in the iPad system keyboard which ll show the Function keys when clicked.

Is it possible without jail break ? as he sent me some pics where it is done.. but i have googled a lot, but i could n't find any Apple's document which says 'application will be rejected if it interfers with system keyboard or something like that..

Any pointers on How to do add Fn key in keyboard or something which i can show to convince him , s really appreciated..

EDIT : solution to add but only if you want to learn how you can do it.. BUT ITS NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO FOR A REAL APP

Follow this link to find the KEYBOARD layer of the iPad NOTE: you need to check for UIPeripheralHostView on iPad , UIKeyboard works for iPhone.

After that final if condition where you find the UIPeripheralHostView add one more loop for its subViews and check condition for UIKeyboardAutomatic

After that is done.. you need do a recursive Call like iOS do for doing a HitTest CGPoint can be anything depending on where you want to add key, in my case its like CGPoint(50,290) for the bottom right key.

so keep looping in subviews while converting your CGPoint into local coordinate system of the parent View(you can start with nil parent view after UIKeyboardAutomatic is found.

Final return condition is if your view is of class UIKBKeyView and it can respond to your hitTest point. you got your key view and its parent.. now add whatever you want to add ...

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The Wolfram Alpha app did something similar. When the keyboard is shown, they add their own view directly above it. They're using -inputAccessoryView. See for more info.

You can also completely replace the keyboard with -inputView.

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I want some concrete link which says its not possible without jailbreak.. – Kamal Apr 7 '12 at 5:31
Wolfram Alpha didn't need a jailbreak, it is on the App Store. If you mean you want proof that you can't modify the Apple portion of the keyboard, I don't know where I'd find that, but I've never seen a single app that modified the keyboard. I just don't think an API exists. – StilesCrisis Apr 7 '12 at 5:42
Added links to the documentation for -inputAccessoryView. – StilesCrisis Apr 7 '12 at 5:46
i did the same. he wants me to put a Fn key in bottom near spacebar or !123 key.. i am searching for some link from apple.. to convince him.. – Kamal Apr 7 '12 at 6:51
i found a way to put 'Fn' key in the bottom inside the keyboard and shifting ?!123 key also to make space.. but i don't knw how good the idea is.. ll post the code in morning.. – Kamal Apr 9 '12 at 15:39

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