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I am looking for a library to monitor my iPhone application's usage by my users. What good libraries are available for this?

Ex: How many times do people share the app through facebook vs. twitter, what tabs are they going to, etc.

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You can use socialize which adds a social layer in your app and also gives you valuable analytic about your app usage. My personal choice is crittercism as it also tells you if your app crashed etc. while giving you realtime app usage reports.

Google Analytics can now also be used in apps for analytics.

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If you looking for a professional tool, check webtrends iOS. It tracks a lot of stuff and sends it to your webtrensserver with a nice queuing mechanism.


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There are so many libraries available. Few of them are:

  1. Flurry Analytics

  2. Fiksu

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I like Mixpanel. Great interface, great customer support, great product.

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I use google analytics.

Free, very easy.

Reports, custom reports and now(new), LIVE usage data.... Cool!

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