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I'm trying to call a method that takes n number of arguments, and the arguments are passed in as a hash to the method that calls the method with n arguments, but a hash just looks like another paramater. How do I unhash my parameter so the method gets called correctly?

Some code, cause this is hard to explain with just words:

the method I want to call: method(p[:method]).call(p[:action], p[:params])
p[:method] in this case is :post
p[:action] is :create
p[:params] is {:my_object => {my object's params}}

so, unravelled, it looks like this:
post(:create, {:my_object => {my object's params}}) # current
but what it should look like, is this:
post(:create, :my_object => {my object's params}) # desired

How do I change method(p[:method]).call(p[:action], p[:params]) such that I can get the desired method call?

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your current and desired constructions are just the same – fl00r Apr 6 '12 at 17:22


post(:create, {:my_object => {my object's params}})


post(:create, :my_object => {my object's params})

are the same constructions.

In both cases you will path two attributes to method post: symbol :create and a hash.

Anyway, you can do this ugly trick, in case if you have got only one key in params:

method(p[:method]).call(p[:action], p[:params].keys.first => p[:params].values.first)
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