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I'm trying to create a created_at query range that will capture all records created from midnight UTC (db default) to now. In the past I've been able to query for time ranges with:

created_at => (24.hours.ago..Time.now)

But adjusting the above for the new use case does not work:

created_at => (Date.today..Time.now)

Any suggestions on how I can update the created_at range to be all records today / not in the last 24 hours?


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created_at => (DateTime.now.at_beginning_of_day.utc..Time.now.utc)
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I think, you can try for below line as well.

ModelName.all :condition => ["DATE(created_at) = DATE(?)", Time.now]

OR In Rails 3

Model.where "DATE(created_at) = DATE(?)", Time.now


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I think time zone should be considered.

where(:created_at => Time.zone.now.beginning_of_day.utc..Time.zone.now.end_of_day.utc)

And Rails will change time to utc time automatically, so the following is also ok.

where(:created_at => Time.now.beginning_of_day..Time.now.end_of_day)

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