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Enum Flags Attribute

I've seen in Windows Forms that when you use a control which contains Anchor, you can set several enums at the same time.

I was trying to do that, but I haven't accomplished yet:

enum Foo

Foo foo = A | B;   // here just receive the last one

Is possible doing this?

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Use the Flags attribute.


enum Days2
    None = 0x0,
    Sunday = 0x1,
    Monday = 0x2,
    Tuesday = 0x4,
    Wednesday = 0x8,
    Thursday = 0x10,
    Friday = 0x20,
    Saturday = 0x40
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Yes this is the Flags attribute.

enum Foo 
  A = 1, 
  B = 2, 
  C = 4 

var foo = Foo.A | Foo.B;

More information here: Enum Flags Attribute

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