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I have quite an interesting (and annoying) problem here. For some reason, the PHP method ReflectionClass::getDocComment() is returning false on my production environment (while there actually is a block comment in the class of course...).

Causing the Doctrine AnnotationReader / DocParser to fail:


public function getClassAnnotations(ReflectionClass $class)

        return $this->parser->parse($class->getDocComment(), 'class ' . $class->getName());

I've looked around and haven't seen very much about this problem, so I'm wondering why this is happening on my Production server when it does not on my Local environment.

  • Would it be because of some PHP config??
  • Would it be because of some read / write / file access rights (chown, etc...)??
  • Would it be because of some caching configuration??

I must say I am running out of ideas.

Any help is much appreciated.


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Further investigations lead me to think that it is related to eAccelerator: wildlyinaccurate.com/eaccelerator-and-doctrine-2 && stackoverflow.com/questions/9676328/… I'll try to disable it and find out if this is the problem. –  eightyfive Apr 6 '12 at 17:56

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Ok. This appeared to be linked to some strange behavior of eAccelerator stripping all the comments when caching the byte code...


(Re-)Quoting beberlei from the Doctrine team:

This premature optimization to remove the docblocks should be reverted. Docblocks are a PHP Token for a reason, they are part of the language and should be used that way. Please revise your stand on this otherwise projects must suggest NOT to use eAccelerator by default.

Solution is either to disable eAccelerator OR to reconfigure it with the option:


(Source: https://eaccelerator.net/ticket/229)

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