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I am trying to create a Rest web service running on iPhone; I've done my initial research and found CocoaHttpServer and TouchCode json parser, is there any library / sample code which binds these together into a Rest endpoint?

If it does not exist, how do I go about writing one? Any reference to some kind of design document etc. will really help.

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I'm using CocoaHTTPServer and the iOS builtin JSON libraray to have a RESTful service in iVocabulary. First I wrote a lengthy Connection class (the core for handling requests in CocoaHTTPServer) myself. But parsing the URL was kind of complicated.

So I wrote a more generic Connection class that routes HTTP requests to different blocks for different URLs and different HTTP methods. The URL can contain parameters (with : as prefix), that get parsed. That's not a generic REST service per se, but I added (for example) a block for the url "/rest/:entityname" that fetches all Core Data objects of the given entity.

You can find that router implementation in my fork of CocoaHTTPServer on github:

Another router implementation:

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I've been using this: – Matt Melton Jun 22 '12 at 18:49
My extension works the same. But I added it to my fork of CocoaHTTPServer as an external extension. – Christian Beer Jun 23 '12 at 6:27

Check RestKit for working with Restful web services.

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he doesn't want to consume REST APIs, he wants to vend one from the device... – nielsbot Apr 7 '12 at 6:21
@nielsbot : exactly , I looked into RestKit, it does not provide any "server" api's, it can only consume.. – srinathhs Apr 7 '12 at 6:28

I recommend RestKit, I have used for over a year now and love it. However I recently learned about AFNetworking from some colleagues that claim it's very lightweight and thus prefer it as an alternative to RestKit, so I am giving it a try soon.

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