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I'm using ASP.NET MVC 3 and the helper @Html.Raw in my view.

I'm passing it some HTML markup that I have stored in a database. The markup contains some URLs that point to other places on my site. For example http://www.foo.fom/events. These data are forum posts, so the page they're displayed on has the form http://www.foo.com/forums/thread/42/slug.

However, when the page is rendered, the saved URLs are rendered in modified form as:


This only happens for URLs on my site. If the URL points to some external site, it is unchanged.

I have verified that what I'm passing into @Html.Raw is the correct URL (http://www.foo.com/events). Why is it getting changed as the page is rendered? Is there an easy way to disable this "feature"?

Here's my code for displaying the markup:


and here's the controller code that genrates the page data:

var post = _forumRepository.GetPostById(id)

var model = new ForumPostView()
    Body = post.Body,
    PostDate = post.DatePosted,
    PostedBy = post.Author,
    PostId = post.Id

return View(model);

I have verified via debugger that the exact URL in the post.Body before being passed back to the View is of the form "http://www.foo.com/events" (no trailing slash). I have also verified via debugger that the value is unchanged before it is passed into @Html.Raw.

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Show us your actual code. Html.Raw does not do any Url remapping, so it is something else that is doing it. –  Erik Funkenbusch Apr 6 '12 at 19:09
As @Mystere notes, Html.Raw does not manipulate your data. Please show us the exact contents of post.Body -- perhaps write it to a file so we know precisely what that data is. –  Kirk Woll Apr 6 '12 at 20:41
That's somewhat odd. How are you setting "post" in your view? Shouldn't that be Model.Body? –  Erik Funkenbusch Apr 6 '12 at 20:43

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It sounds like the urls that are pointing to other pages on your site are non-absolute. Are you certain they start with a / or http? If not, it's behaving exactly as it's supposed and treating them like relative urls -- and thus appending them to the current url.

(Html.Raw will not manipulate the string, so it's not at fault here)

Also, it wouldn't hurt to show us your code.

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No, in fact I am an idiot. The URLs were indeed stored in relative form without a leading /, which is why they ended up being relative to the current page. The text displayed was absolute, which is what I saw when I looked at the db. That's what I get for debugging on a few hours' sleep ;)

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Heh, has happened to us all. :) Thanks for reporting back! –  Kirk Woll Apr 7 '12 at 0:20

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