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I have developed a Mobile application that connect to my Web Servie via RESTful API.

Now, I need to protect my API by someone who could sniff it via WireShark. I just need to hide my URL and POSTed parameters in some way...How can i do it?

My risk is that if "someone" get my API's Url and change ?user_id parameter of each request could act as another users, and do bad things...

(I don't use Oauth 2.0)

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The easiest way to accomplish this is to use HTTPS

The client connects to the server

Client and Server perform the SSL Handshake Clients sends encrypted something like

POST /resource/ HTTP1.1 

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I have two projects that will help.

https://github.com/jas-/jQuery.AJAX provides a useful example of a REST API with options for checksums on serialized post data as well as CSRF token handling.

This project uses JS to perform asymmetric public key encryption of form data. https://github.com/jas-/jQuery.pidCrypt.

Keep in mind here that there are known limitations with the random number generators available within browsers that could lead to weak encryption so wrapping the connection within an SSL connection is recommended.

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The first step is to switch to HTTPS. This will encrypt your POST parameters.

Your second step is to fix your protocol to authenticate the user. It will always be possible to reverse engineer your protocol. If the only authentication is a user_id parameter, then you are vulnerable. No amount of obfuscation will protect you. Your protocol must be resilient to connection by unauthorized applications.

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