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Facebox 1.3 has this feature different than the prior version, in which if you click outside of the modal window, it makes it to fade out. I have a form that loads with an AJAX call and is using jQuery Validation plugin to prevent it from loading. Any ideas how to prevent this behavior? I like the looks of the new version way much more...

I have posted this into Google groups for this topic and no answer yet, so I don't know what else to try.. any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

The Facebox JS is at: http://defunkt.io/facebox/

removing completely the overlay does not do it for me... but more importantly.. is this valid at all?

  $(document).bind('close.facebox', function() {
$('#facebox').fadeOut(function() {
  $('#facebox .content').removeClass().addClass('content')
  $('#facebox .loading').remove()


//I want to remove each of those divs when it closes the facebox... using it with jQuery Validation Engine

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Solved it using the following to hide the Error Messages when closing Facebox --> $('.formError').fadeOut("fast", function() { $(this).parent('.formErrorOuter').remove(); $(this).remove(); }) at the last bind that triggers such event, request to close please. – Jean Paul Apr 9 '12 at 21:18
To not allow Facebox to close the overlay when clicking on it (outside of the modal Facebox 1.3 dialog) --> $('#facebox_overlay').hide().addClass("facebox_overlayBG") .css('opacity', $.facebox.settings.opacity) .click(function() { return false;}) .fadeIn(200) return false } – Jean Paul Apr 9 '12 at 21:21

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