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I am trying to write some functional tests in my rails app, and in the application_controller.rb I have this:

before_filter :current_account
def current_account
  @current_account ||= Account.find_by_subdomain!(request.subdomians.first)

When running tests, request.subdomains doesn't contain the valid subdomains I'm looking for and makes it impossible to run any functional tests.

Is it possible to stub the current_account method or mock the request.subdomains object?

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In your functional test you should be able to do (using mocha):

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@controller.instance_variable_set(:@request, OpenStruct.new({:subdomains => 'www'}))

you can access anything in ruby :)

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To me (and with Rails 2.3.4), the correct statement is


since I cannot access to @request directly.

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