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application = webapp.WSGIApplication(
                                 [('/', DefaultPage),
								  ('/ClearDataPage', ClearDataPage),
								  ('/DeleteTweets', DeleteTweets),
								  ('/DeleteLinks', DeleteLinks),
								  ('/awesome', Awesome),
								  ('/RunScriptPage', RunScriptPage)],

In this scenario, how do I make any variations of "Awesome" or for that matter any url case insensitive?

such that Awesome will always be directed to localhost:8080/awesome ...?

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For such somewhat advanced dispatching needs, don't use the extremely lightweight webapp framework -- use any of the richer ones, such as web.py, that App Engine also supports; there, you can dispatch based on regular expressions, not just strings, so you can in particular use a case-insensitive regular expression pattern.

For example, '(?i)awesome' is the pattern for a regular expression that matches 'awesome' in a case-insensitive manner, as you desire.

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Hold it right there! Webapp also supports dispatching on regular expressions! The regex you suggest for web.py will work perfectly on webapp. –  Nick Johnson Jun 17 '09 at 8:28

You may use regular expressions in this case. Wikipedia: Regular Expressions

Some app engine specific examples can be found in the app engine docs.

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