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I am using Twitter's Bootstrap fluid layout for my site. I have a collapse/expand accordion and inside of one of the sections, I have three columns that I would like to be separately scroll-able. These columns currently expand to the full height of their content, but I'd instead like them to expand to the viewport (viewable page) and show a scrollbar to get to the rest (when it is not already all visible).

The scrollbars will show up if I set the column to: overflow: auto; height: 500px;

I don't want to set the height; however, I want it to be set to whatever fits in the viewport.

I understand you can set a div's height to 100% in order to expand to the viewport; however, it has to depend on a containing elements height. I'm not sure how to deal with this within Bootstrap.

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appart $('#collapseOne').on('shown', sizing()); not resizing properly if you resize after loading.

This is working pretty much ok on desktop.


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