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I'm doing some writing of data to my documents directory and I was wondering if there is a way to tell when my writeToFile method completes and the file I am creating has be fully created. Thanks in advance here is the method I am calling I am just looking for a way wether it is a delegate method or some other way to tell when this completes.

[imageData writeToFile:fullPathToFile atomically:YES];


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The method writeToFile:atomically is "synchronous". It will write the file and then return YES or NO depending on wether the file was successfully written or not.

That means that the operation is complete as soon as the method returns.

BOOl success = [imageData writeToFile:fullPathToFile atomically:YES];
// Now, the operation is complete
// success indicates whether the file was successfully written or not
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Is there a way to get an error log, if the saving is unsuccessful ? –  Patrick Mar 20 at 11:34
@Patrick You can use the method writeToFile:options:error: –  sch Apr 3 at 15:15

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