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I'm using robotium to test my app. Part of its functionality involves its behaviour when receiving an incoming call. Problem is, I can't seem to figure out how to simulate this programmatically in the test case.

I'm thinking it's got to be possible or else any app that relies on incoming/outgoing call events couldn't be regression tested.

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If you have a physical device with a mobile number and you need to do incoming calls, you could go to, login to your Google account, and click the "Call Phone" link on the left hand side. I do not know anything about how to simulate an incoming call, though. – Jakar Apr 7 '12 at 1:02

As far as I know, incoming calls etc. can't be simulated using Robotium. They can be however by the emulator, using telnet. See this post: Sending and receiving text using android emulator

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