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The following function which is located in the timeit module (Python(2.7) Standard Library) does not show when I do help('timeit').

def reindent(src, indent):
    """Helper to reindent a multi-line statement."""
    return src.replace("\n", "\n" + " "*indent)

When I define a function in a module and I call help('modulename'), than functions can be seen in the help()-output. Function names starting with a single underscore don't show up when calling help(). But the reindent function does not have a leading underscore and yet it doesn't show in the help output. Why?

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At the beginning of the module there is a variable __all__ defined:

__all__ = ["Timer"]

that limits what is imported from timeit. See for example here a description of __all__. If you comment the line, help gives more info on Data and FUnctions

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