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I have a contextmenu that shows on certain elements when you right click. This works no problem.

wrapper.on('contextmenu', 'div.outer', function (e) {        
        left: e.pageX,
        top: e.pageY,
        zIndex: '101'
     return false;

//This does not work correctly
context_menu.mouseout(function (e) {

I'm trying to figure out how to hide the menu when the user is not hovered over the menu. Right now as soon as I move the mouse after I right click it fades out.

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The events, should most probably be mouseleave since its a container.

context_menu.mouseleave(function (e) {
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Look here: http://api.jquery.com/hover/

the hover() event has one method for when the mouse is over the element and one for when it's not.

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mouseleave worked. Thanks. –  Frankie Apr 6 '12 at 23:43

$(selector).hover(handlerIn, handlerOut);

is shorthand for:

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