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I'm trying to find a library for Php or Python that could process audio files. I need to loop through recorded phone calls and process them to remove those that have some specific pattern e.g. beep tone only instead of human voice. I think it would be possible by comparing samples of amplitudes in audio file. Are there any libraries you know of that could help?


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Python comes with the standard library wave module that can load and parse .wav files; detecting beep tones is probably a little harder than you think, but not prohibitively difficult.

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Thanks. I'm already trying SOX library but will take a look at wave as well. –  marcin_koss Apr 7 '12 at 0:49

Audiolab is a python library which can load AIFF, AU and WAV files directly into a numpy array.

It is likely that audio containing only beep tones will have a fairly simple power spectrum, which can be obtained from the audio array using numpy.fft.

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Someone recommends me the pyaudiere, it can "pass sound buffers as NumPy arrays of float32's". I never used it before, you may give it a go.

I used to use pymad, it might be a little old buy very handy.

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