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My goal is to generate big graphs and save images of them (PNG, preferably) through a script (that is: without having to interact with them through a notebook).

Example: I generate a complete graph on 100 notes in a Mathematica notebook and saved the graphic. Out comes the wonderfully detailed image below:

Yay! High quality graph:

But when I save it via script as below:

graph = CompleteGraph[100];
Export["mysuperawesomegraph.png", ImageResize[graph, 1000]];

I lose all detail in the edges

Oh no! So much quality is lost! You can't even see the edges anymore...

I've tried changing the number 1000 to numbers up to 15000 in the line:

Export["mysuperawesomegraph.png", ImageResize[graph, 1000]];

The result seems to be that a bigger image is saved, but with the same level of detail.

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You first want to find the good size on screen. This looks good: Show[graph, ImageSize -> 1000]

Then export specifying a proper image resolution:

       Show[graph, ImageSize -> 1000], ImageResolution -> 200]

For more details, check out this question on mathematica.SE

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Wonderful! Thank you! For me, setting ImageResolution wasn't necessary - it seems to work without it. –  rjkaplan Apr 7 '12 at 4:21
You are most welcome, always glad to help. –  Matthias Odisio Apr 7 '12 at 4:44

Try this:

Export["mysuperawesomegraph.png", CompleteGraph[100, ImageSize -> 1000]]
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Thanks for the response! It works when using the CompleteGraph[] function, but doesn't generalize to displaying an arbitrary graph in a large image. –  rjkaplan Apr 7 '12 at 4:19

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