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I'm learning Zend Framework.

When I enter this line on command prompt:

zf configure db-adapter

I got :

Nothing to do!

Do I wrong? I'm reading this page: http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/learning.quickstart.create-model.html

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Yes, they wrapped the command into multiple lines and made it a bit hard to tell.

The full command for the quick start without line wrapping is:

zf configure db-adapter 'adapter=PDO_SQLITE&dbname=APPLICATION_PATH "/../data/db/guestbook.db"' production

As shown on the quick start:

% zf configure db-adapter \
> 'adapter=PDO_SQLITE&dbname=APPLICATION_PATH "/../data/db/guestbook.db"' \
> production

The \ character tells the shell to expect more input for the command after the carriage-return and not to attempt to process it yet. The > is just them showing that their shell was waiting for more input for the current command.

You would have to copy what they put and remove the > in order to get it to run correctly, or copy the one line version above.

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