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I have a folder in my SD Card as: /mnt/sdcard/Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/*.jpg

The name of Folder1 and Folder2 remains constant and inside Folder2 i have Folder3, 4, 5 and so on.. i want to pull all the jpeg files rather all files (there are more) using adb to my current directory on the computer..

Every folder has different number of jpeg files and other files and i tried using this:

adb pull mnt/sdcard/Folder1/Folder2/Folder/*.jpg .

But it didnt work.. So uhmm how do i adb pull all files present in any folder of SD Card with a single command (single command because each folder has different number of files)

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Are you in Linux or Windows? This can we solved with a simple script? –  Jared Burrows Apr 7 '12 at 2:04
Hmm i have the Android Developement Stuff installed on both: Win7 as well as Ubuntu .. if there is solution for both then well and good..! But in reality i need it only for Ubuntu (installed as a VM) .. so uhmm yeah im on Ubuntu.. –  cooperHawk Apr 8 '12 at 0:47
can you please mark a correct answer for this question? –  Jared Burrows Apr 8 at 22:31

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Directory pull is available on new android tools. ( I don't know from which version it was added, but its working on latest ADT 21.1 )

adb pull /sdcard/Robotium-Screenshots
pull: building file list...
pull: /sdcard/Robotium-Screenshots/090313-110415.jpg -> ./090313-110415.jpg
pull: /sdcard/Robotium-Screenshots/090313-110412.jpg -> ./090313-110412.jpg
pull: /sdcard/Robotium-Screenshots/090313-110408.jpg -> ./090313-110408.jpg
pull: /sdcard/Robotium-Screenshots/090313-110406.jpg -> ./090313-110406.jpg
pull: /sdcard/Robotium-Screenshots/090313-110404.jpg -> ./090313-110404.jpg
5 files pulled. 0 files skipped.
61 KB/s (338736 bytes in 5.409s)
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I tried this, but it only pulled some directories. Not sure what its criteria was. –  acjay Jan 9 '14 at 16:43
If you want to pull a folder owned by root, start an adb root session (using $ adb root). –  MasterAM Jun 12 '14 at 13:32
run the command as root just like @MasterAM said! worked without a problem! cheers! –  Migisha Feb 13 at 5:41

Single File/Folder using pull:

adb pull "/sdcard/Folder1"


adb pull "/sdcard/Folder1"
pull: building file list...
pull: /sdcard/Folder1/image1.jpg -> ./image1.jpg
pull: /sdcard/Folder1/image2.jpg -> ./image2.jpg
pull: /sdcard/Folder1/image3.jpg -> ./image3.jpg
3 files pulled. 0 files skipped.

Specific Files/Folders using find from BusyBox:

adb shell find "/sdcard/Folder1" -iname "*.jpg" | tr -d '\015' | while read line; do adb pull $line; done;

Here is an explanation:

adb shell find "/sdcard/Folder1" - use the find command, use the top folder
-iname "*.jpg"                   - filter the output to only *.jpg files
|                                - passes data(output) from one command to another
tr -d '\015'                     - explained here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9664086/bash-is-removing-commands-in-while
while read line;                 - while loop to read input of previous commands
do adb pull $line; done;         - pull the files into the current running directory, finish

The scripts will start in the top folder and recursively go down and find all the "*.jpg" files and pull them from your phone to the current directory.

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Please try with just giving the path from where you want to pull the files I just got the files from sdcard like

adb pull sdcard/

do NOT give * like to broaden the search or to filter out. ex: adb pull sdcard/*.txt --> this is invalid.

just give adb pull sdcard/

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Yep, just use the trailing slash to recursively pull the directory. Works for me with Nexus 5 and current version of adb (March 2014).

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if your using jellybean just start cmd, type adb devices to make sure your readable, type adb pull sdcard/ sdcard_(the date or extra) <---this file needs to be made in adb directory beforehand. PROFIT!

In other versions type adb pull mnt/sdcard/ sdcard_(the date or extra)

Remember to make file or your either gonna have a mess or it wont work.

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