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I have recently started using Web-Harvest as a web scraping tool. Currently, I am working in the beginning of a project where I want to authenticate / log in to a web site. Before I begin I want to make clear that [URL] in the code replaces the actual url of the web page.

So, I am trying to post login information by executing the following config:

    <var-def name="result"> 
        <http method="post" url="[URL]/webreservations/WebObjects/WebReservations.woa/wa/Login?language=1&amp;server=1" multipart="true"> 
        <http-param name="login">[myusername]</http-param>
        <http-param name="password">[mypassword]</http-param>

How do I retrieve the resulting information and follow the re-direction? When logging in manually the extension below is added to the URL. There seems to be some kind of randomisation and also a session id that is added. I suppose that is something I need to incorporate in my solution?


Below is a part of the source of the page, that might be key to the problem. Is it a WebObjects problem? Is it a javascript problem? Am I the problem? :)

<body onload="document.form.login.focus();">
   <form name="form" onsubmit="showDiv();return true;" method="post" action="/webreservations/WebObjects/WebReservations.woa/wa/Login">

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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make sure you have got all the necessary params for login. It may require more than just password and username.

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Thanks, that was it. I had two parameters that I thought had predefined values that I did not have to post. –  johansson.lc Feb 7 '13 at 21:07

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