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I have the following code that is working fine in my qt program (windows version):

if( false == QResource::registerResource( "data.rcc" ) )
//.... Error message

file is always found, application continues...

i started porting my application from Windows to Mac, while i was waiting for my mac computer to arrive, i used virtualbox with Mac image, and it worked fine too, however now that i'm using a Mac computer, the same code always fails, it seems that the rcc file is never found, it needs some kind of path that i still didn't sorted out, i tried many different paths but nothing. Sorry, but y'm totally newbie on Mac and still don't understand some basic things like this file paths stuff.

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It seems like you are registering a "relative path" for the resource. You'll need to check QDir::searchPaths() to see where it is looking for resources. On Mac OS X, you may need to copy the file into the application bundle.

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