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I am looking to do an ascending sort 7 arrays, based of a the values of one of them and then print the final array using a loop inside of a method. the array values are entered by the user and will contain at least one set of data but no more than 5 sets.

My code so far is below, its the basic structure of a selection sort as I was requested to use that, I am looking to do the ascending sort off of the array simp (stands for simple interest) but I cannot figure out how to get all the other arrays to move with it retain the values.

any ideas on the loop method to use for this?

public static void sort(double[] amount, double[] iRate, int[] term, double[] simp, double[] month, double[] daily, double[] weekly)

      for (int i=0;i<simp.length-1;i++)
            int minindex=i;
            for (int j=i+1;j<simp.length;j++)
            double temp = simp[minindex];
            simp[i]= temp;


Example Run

[Line #]    [Principal Amount]  Interest rate   term    simple  monthly     weekly    daily
1            $1,375.00                1.18%         7    9.4244   9.4522      9.4557    9.4567
2             $100.00                 3.25%         6     1.625    1.636      1.6377    1.6382
3             $100.00                 3.25%         12     3.25   3.2988      3.3023    3.3032

[Line #]    [Principal Amount]  Interest rate   term    simple   monthly    weekly    daily
1             $100.00                 3.25%        6       1.62    1.636     1.6377    1.6382
2             $100.00                 3.25%       12       3.25    3.2988    3.3023    3.3032
3           $1,375.00                 1.18%        7      9.4244   9.4522    9.4557    9.4567
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Why bother to write your own implemention of selection sort instead of just using the built in sort from the Java library? Is this homework? – Mark Byers Apr 7 '12 at 3:23
indeed it is, and i am stuck on it ive got it all done except this part of sorting all the arrays off of one – Spartan-196 Apr 7 '12 at 3:26
It is allowed to post homework questions here, but please read this first:… – Mark Byers Apr 7 '12 at 3:27
I have seen that and I have made good faith effort the last 5 days. Full code available here – Spartan-196 Apr 7 '12 at 3:32
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One straightforward way to do it using your existing code is to swap elements in all arrays whenever you are swapping elements in simp:

double temp = simp[minindex];
simp[i]= temp;

temp = iRate[minindex];
iRate[i]= temp;


This isn't the most elegant way. The OO way to do it would be to have an object that has amount, iRate, term... as members and sort an array of these objects.

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As messy as this way may seem it did work for what I needed though i did still remain with trouble after calling the method while trying to display it all neatly but thats ok. – Spartan-196 Apr 11 '12 at 2:04

You can create a class with all fields inside:

 class Entity implements Comparable<Entity> {
      double simp;
      double amount;
      double rate;
      // construct each instance taking the next line from 
      // the arrays or doubles

      // implement compareTo
      public int compareTo(Entity entity) {
         // compare only the field you need
         return, entity.simp); 

Then build an array of entities based on your seven arrays and sort it using Arrays.sort() At the end you can copy data back to the arrays of doubles, or simply print the contents directly from the Entity[].

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