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I am currently working on my project for my professional course. I am implementing a digital diary. 1. How can I implement a diary page with specific pages for each day? -- As of now I inserted a multiline textbox for adding a diary page entry. And a TextView on top to show the current DATE (without time). I am still thinking how to save these entries to view on a later day, my guess is to store them into a sqlite database. How do I show a NON-editabale textbox with today's date shown in it.

Please feel free to suggest solutions,tips,links anything which you think is helpful for me. :)

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In order to get the current date and time use the below Links and iin order make it non editable in XML file make editable = false also focusable = false.



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its simple

        Date dt = new Date();
        int date = dt.getDate();
        int month = dt.getMonth()+1;
        int year = dt.getYear();
        year += 1900;
        int day = dt.getDay();
        String[] days = { "Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday","WednesDay", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saterday" };
        String curDate = date + "/" + month + "/" + year + " " + days[day];
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Use this code :

String mydate = java.text.DateFormat.getDateTimeInstance().format(Calendar.getInstance().getTime());

It 'll print : Feb 5, 2013, 12:35:46PM

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