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Spring Data with MongoDB having BigInteger ids is still generating alphanumeric ObjectIds. I want to have number sequence as IDs. How to configure this behavior?

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As per the springdata doc: An id property or field declared as BigInteger in the Java class will be converted to and stored as an ObjectId using a Spring Converter

What exactly are you trying to represent for the _id? If it's just a large number, using a long value will enable to represent 64bit numbers. If you need to represent values larger than 64bit, then they would have to be represented either as a String or BinData in mongo, but not ObjectId since that is a fixed 12 bytes.

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I am depending on Spring to generate the IDs for me. I told it to generate IDs for BigInteger type, but it keeps generating object ids. How do I fix this? – Y Kamesh Rao Apr 11 '12 at 16:12

Spring Data MongoDB tries to convert all types that can make up ObjectIds by chance as they are recommended. As described in the MongoDB reference documentation this is due to the fact that they allow creating steadily increasing ids over a cluster. If you really need linear ids (1,2,3… not only steadily increasing ones) use a type of Long and create ids manually.

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