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I am using qTip2 in my application. The tooptipfication I am achieving through the following jQuery:

        style: {
            tip: {
                corner: true,
                width: 10,
                height: 5
            classes: 'ui-tooltip-rounded ui-tooltip-shadow ui-tooltip-tipsy'
        position: {
            my: 'bottom left',
            at: 'top right',
            adjust: {
                x: -10,
                y: 0
        events: {
            show: function (event, api) {
        show: {
            effect: function (offset) {
        hide: {
            effect: function (offset) {

Now it is rendering in:

  • Firefox: enter image description here
  • IE8: enter image description here

As you can see the rounded corner is gone in IE8; also the adjustment of the Tip of x, y is not working. I am in search for a solution for this particular problem of qTip2. Is there any way solve this?

Are there any better Tooptip Library available which don't have this kind of problem?

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IE8 doesn't support rounded corners, so I suspect that the CSS has border-radius somewhere. Try editing the CSS after adding in CSS3PIE into your code: css3pie.com –  Blender Apr 7 '12 at 6:27

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IE8 doesnt support border-radius property and hence you cant have rounded corners in qtip. Here is a post on the library website with the author replying saying it is not supported and he doesnt wanna over engineer for something as trivial as a qtip.


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