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I'm sending a multipart/form-data request to an action (file upload), but I'm sending it to an action that has the id in the url as specified by the route:

    name: "DefaultApi",
    routeTemplate: "api/{controller}/{id}/{action}",
    defaults: new {action = "Index", id = RouteParameter.Optional }

Url I'm posting to: /api/Contacts/1/Photo


public HttpResponseMessage Photo(int id)

    var task = this.Request.Content.ReadAsStreamAsync();
    Stream requestStream = task.Result;

    /* ... */


With the id parameter, I get this error: No 'MediaTypeFormatter' is available to read an object of type 'Int32' with the media type 'multipart/form-data'. Without the id parameter, it works fine.

I tried a MediaTypeFormatter in this answer here, but it doesn't seem to get the id from the url and crashes when trying to get it using FirstDispositionNameOrDefault("id"). Is there a way to get the id specified in the route url to bind to the id parameter for the action?

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FirstDispositionNameOrDefault is for reading the values of form controls.

You can use the [FromUri] attribute on the parameter:

public HttpResponseMessage Photo([FromUri] int id)

This tells Web API not to get the parameter from the message body.

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+1. Thanks. Yet surely the formatter error is really misleading. The problem is not the formatter but seems to be on resolving the action? – Aliostad Apr 8 '12 at 12:02

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