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Using the import java.util.Collections; like I should be. Not the GWT one. Have the class with the error in the shared folder for a GWT project.

code is of this structure:

List<String []> qaList;
qaList = new ArrayList<String[]>();

qaList.add("12345 main st", "tomah");
qaList.add("124 main st", "lacrosse");
qaList.add("123 main", "yeeehahaaa");


Gives me this error:

[ERROR] [_012cfaexam] - Line 109: The method shuffle(List<String[]>) is undefined for the >type Collections

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Quoted from GWT's JRE Emulation Reference:

Google Web Toolkit includes a library that emulates a subset of the Java runtime library. The list below shows the set of JRE packages, types and methods that GWT can translate automatically. Note that in some cases, only a subset of methods is supported for a given type.

Specifically, if you look at Collections in the Package java.util, you will see that it does not contain the shuffle() method.

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I am a bit confused though since I am not calling it from 'within' GWT. I have it in the shared folder for a GWT project on appengine. I thought this folder was executed on the server. It must not be. ANyways, thanks, i will have to read up more on that and probably put it on the server folder and make an async call to get the data. – user1318747 Apr 9 '12 at 2:23
@user1318747 the 'shared' package can be called on both the client and server. the 'server' package is for only the server. – Click Upvote Aug 18 '14 at 12:55

There is another one way to solve this bug:

Random random = new Random(qaList.size());  

for(int index = 0; index < qaList.size(); index += 1) {  
    Collections.swap(qaList, index, index + random.nextInt(qaList.size() - index));  
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In addition to what matsev has already said:

If your code is GPL, you can just copy SUNs implementation:

public static void shuffle(List<?> list, Random rnd) {
    int size = list.size();
    if (size < SHUFFLE_THRESHOLD || list instanceof RandomAccess) {
        for (int i=size; i>1; i--)
            swap(list, i-1, rnd.nextInt(i));
    } else {
        Object arr[] = list.toArray();

        // Shuffle array
        for (int i=size; i>1; i--)
            swap(arr, i-1, rnd.nextInt(i));

        // Dump array back into list
        ListIterator it = list.listIterator();
        for (int i=0; i<arr.length; i++) {

It is basically Fisher Yates shuffle with some optimizations in case the list isn't random access.

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