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i have file which contains text like

Questin is how to get this file like (unix way); something; something; something

Thank you in advance!

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Here is an awk alternative:

awk 'BEGIN{FS=":"}{ printf "%s:%s; Something %s \n", $1, $2, $2 }' yourfile.txt

awk is great for line by line string manipulation like this. Just direct the output to a destination file if you want. if it doesn't quite get it, check out an AWK tutorial.

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awk might also be used but this works (file1 is your original file):

cut -d":" file1 -f2 > tmp.txt; paste tmp.txt tmp.txt | \
sed 's/^/Host:/' | sed 's/\s/; something /'

It's not very refined, and most people wouldn't use sed twice, but it works. To spew it to a file just end it with > file2

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