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I have a website called and it's a classified sites... Can any one tell me the different SEO Techniques for my site to get huge amount of visitors....I dint yet started SEO for this website...

So please help me out in letting me know about the different SEO Techniques where in my site can rank well and get lots of visitors.

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Content, content, content and then the header tag (h1,h2,etc). These are by far the most important parts of a site. It can be difficult to get the content on a site like yours, but that's what Google wants--both quality and content. Without these, why would Google send a user to your site.

Google's Webmaster YouTube channel has a lot of helpful tips, as well as Google's webmaster tools. Google's webmaster starter guide is also very helpful.

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It is not a easy job to do if you want to get lot of target visitors to your site. It needs time and patient. Bear this in mind before you starting this work.

Below are some lessons I learned from my work.


Content is the cornerstone of your site. Without unique and valuable content, everything in your site is nothing.

The first and foremost element for SE Roberts to determine the quality of your site.

Dynamic content or frequently undated content.

By doing this you can make your site looks alive, and caster to Crawlers information desire.

Another things like link, image tag, Mata tag, etc.

This requires you to grab a relevant book to commend basic skills. My experience tells me that you need not to intentionally make your site Search Engines friendly, but at least avoid some mistakes to cause confusion to search engines.

The last one but not least is keep yourself up with the tech wave.

Live and learn, keep a acquisitive mind is crucial to do a good job on it.

Hope those staff useful to you.

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Have a look at Google webmaster tools and its support site for a fair amount of SEO tips.

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Google's official document on SEO

Successfully rated classified sites to study not only content, just further also the structure of content are craigslist, and

The single most important determinant is the header tag

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Most important thing is to make the title tag good and the url good. Other than that, just get the content right.

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This is quickstart list will get you going. It is essential that your headline tags make sense of its usage.

Also, take a look at Google's guidelines so that you're playing nice with their rules.

I hope that helps and good luck!

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