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In Android, I am trying to fetch data from the "HTTPS" site and this site used NTLM credentials , authentication, when I connect the site (client. execute) it gives a response:

"401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials."

I am setting UsernamePasswordCredentials, networkcredential, but the response remain same.

I have also follow the the instruction given at and

but the response remain same.

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I have the same problem and i read a lot about it. But i have a "Answer" of how can you solve it.

The problem is HttpClient class because it doesnt support NTLM conecction, but, now the HttpClient api (4.2) can support it.

I read about it on Apache page, so you have to download the HttpClient 4.2 version and add it to your proyect. Use that HttpClient class and then shold works.

You can download here:

I post it now because some people could found the solution here.

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